Coop mission : Secops Fun on Utes by Gloopy

Gloopy has released a new coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote Gloopy :
Hi All,
This is my first "mission" release. Basically I was having so much fun with the secops stuff I made a little mission for myself and my friends and figured, hey, why not share it.

The mission is on Utes, upto 8 players, and uses secops only, there are no other enemies (I did test using various intensities of the ACM but found it to be more annoying than anything).
You don't get offered secops automatically, you use the radio to request whichever kind of secops you want to play, they're all there except TRAP which doesn't always seem to work for me.
You can also call in Artillery, transport, supplies, CAS and UAV to aid you in your missions.

Respawns at base, (no vehicle respawn yet) and every weapon imaginable all in crates at base also, there's also a rifle range with easy, normal and hard mode settings for ultimate bragging rights among your squad/friends. (Thanks F2K Sel for the script, even if it's not yours)

Written on 2009-08-05 18:59 by Big  

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