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Version: 8.0
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Date: 2009-12-06 10:04

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Russian Armor Pack

This adds more Russian tanks to ArmA2.

T-90A T-90S T-80UD T-80UK T-80UM1 T-72Mp T-72bm,BTR-80 Variants.
    - T-90A
    - T-90S
    - T-80UD
    - T-80UK
    - T-80UM1
    - T-72Mp
    - T-72bm
    - BTR-80 variants
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Included files:

Known issues:
BTR's cause issues with the mlrs and BM21 grads,something happens to those vehicle's guners.I have no idea how to fix this so use caution when putting the Btr's in missions.Tanks are fine though.If anyone knows how to fix this tell me and I'll do it for next version.The BTR's.These have their own slots and can be found under Russia/Btr variants(not under armour!!!).

The rvmat's make it dependent on the tracked.pbo.The only way I could get around this was to add them into the tracked.pbo package.All you do is de-pbo the tracked.pbo and add the included rvmats to the data\detailmappy directory.If you DON'T do this, what will happen is the game will nag you about it on startup and the textures will be flat/matt without the ArmaII "shinyness"(no biggy really but I personally like the shiny textures better).

Other than these little problems they work great,look great(better than they did in ArmaI) and add alot more variety.Tanks also have defensive systems so they can survive longer.Enjoy.

Change log:
- Fixed Muzzel flash position on commander's MG.

- Added T-90um1 Winter skin version
- Fixed the driver views so now they are drivable in the turnout view.
- Fixed the T-72s hatch (switched to T-90 hatches as I didn't know how to reconfigure the axis on the hinges)

- added extendeded event handlers
- changed the crew to arma 2 crew.

- Added the BTR's

- Changed Commander view type to T90 instead of T72. This also fixes the gunner moving the commander view when turning turrent.

- added yellow camo T-80UM1
- added skirts to all T-80's
- also attemped to organize the texure access in the model a bit better

- fixed highjumping tankcrews when bailing out,...again(got missed in version3.0)
- optimized the viewlods a little.

- Fixed multiplayer issues.Now All tanks will run on dedicated servers.

- Fixed the highjumping crew bailout
- Added proper missiles and sounds for the ATGM system

- adds proper AT missile
- adds sounds and ammo

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to ModEmMaik,Marijus, and Snoops for helping this project along...couldn't have done it without ya.
Also IKE for shatora Script that Marijus packed in the previous release,And Sea Demon for the btr models.

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