Week report #91
Work in progress

* ArmA2 - BlackOps and Desert mercenaries

    Schnapsdrosel released screenshots on BI forums showing the progress of the BlackOps and Desert mercenaries
    8582-descorpsman.jpg 8582-mercsgasmask2.jpg

    - BI forums

* Army of the Czecho-Slovak republic

    petrtlach posted a new update of the Army of the Czecho-Slovak republic mod on the BI forums showing the:
      - Czechoslovakian submachinegun KP vz.38 with 36 route magazine
      - Other models for map
      - Lo vz.37 type F (for antitank canon)
    4-acr_30efc16210_50636466_o2.jpg 4-acr_e679ed9f18_50766145_o2.jpg 4-acr_arma2009-08-0418-12-47-71.jpg 4-acr_arma2009-08-0418-12-56-35.jpg 4-acr_arma2009-08-0418-13-13-84.jpg 4-acr_9495ad7fb8_50636396_o2.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - British 4 Rifle Soldiers

    STALKERGB released screenshots showing his British 4 Rifle Soldiers.
    Quote STALKERGB:
    Have been doing alot config-side with my units recently (adding GPS to SL and Maps, Compass, Watch, Radio etc) and sorting out better, more balanced, realistic loadouts for my guys.

    Below are pictures of all the work (model/texture wise) I have done to date, rather than it just being a nice little round up of progress there is, unfortunately, another reason for me posting today...

    8582-blmggunner.jpg 8582-bmarksman.jpg 8582-brifleman.jpg 8582-bsquadlead.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - RH heli sounds

    RobertHammer released two videos showing the progress of the helicopter sounds.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - JTD Fire And Smoke

    DMarkwick released screenshots on BI forums showing the Fire and Smoke effects.
    Quote DMarkwick:
    Fire and smoke addon for ArmA2. These are the very first glimpses of the new smoke, the fire isn't yet started. (Sometimes there is indeed smoke without fire ) The end result will probably be a little different looking, all the detail is in the tweaking but I am generally happy with the initial impression.
    The full addon will hopefully have more or less the same features as the DMSmokeEffects addon for Armed Assault, but without so much default effects tweaking. I think I'm going to leave those alone, with the possible exception of building collapse dust.
    Also hoping to incorporate propagating fire effects, so fires will spread among trees and buildings if the conditions are right. Chernarus looks to be built for propagating fire, with it's discrete forests & small isolated villages.

    8582-smokeandfire1.jpg 8582-smokeandfire2.jpg 8582-smokeandfire3.jpg 8582-smokeandfire4.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Finnish Defence Forces mod

    Norsu released screenshot on BI forums showing the PASI (Panssari Sisu).

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Westland Apache AH1

    On the website a new update was released about the Westland Apache AH1 for ArmA2 which they are working on.
    Quote :
    We are going to make 3 versions. I don’t want to get involved in all the issues around making all the numerous derivatives so we are planning to make:
      - UK Westland Apache AH1
      - Dutch AH-64D
      - Generic AH-64D
    All three versions are pretty common and can be made very simply and quickly by adding or deleting simple shapes or part of the model. The model is setup to allow quick and easy 3rd party reskins. A paint and addon template will be released together with the first version.
    RKSL Feature Set:
      - TADS and PNVS rotate to “safe” position when engine is off.
      - Flight Direction sensors are animated.
      - Weapons pylons rotate to firing positions after take off
      - Dynamic Rotor System (DRS)
      - Improved flight model
      - Radar Warning Receiver (FCSS required for full use)
      - Integrated Chaff and Flare Counter measures system
    4-rksl_apache_ah1_005.jpg 4-rksl_apache_ah1_006.jpg 4-rksl_apache_ah1_007.jpg 4-rksl_apache_ah1_008.jpg


* ArmA2 - New Zealand Defence Force Mod

    NZDF CRASH revealed on the BI forums the New Zealand Defence Force Mod team has started working on their ArmA2 version of the mod.
    Visit their website or the BI forum topic for more detailed information.

    4-nzdf_arma2_arma22009-08-0312-41-30-20-1.jpg 4-nzdf_arma2_arma22009-08-0312-42-48-51-1.jpg 4-nzdf_arma2_arma22009-08-0312-43-35-99-1.jpg 4-nzdf_arma2_arma22009-08-0312-44-06-92-1.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - FX Mod

    Opticalsnare released a video on the BI forums showing his work in progress with the FX Mod.
    Quote Opticalsnare :
    Just a quick video of what ive been working on recently, still got a quite a bit to do but mostly just showing off the lighting effects, sparks and some other stuff. Anyway heres a rough video hehe..

    - BI forums

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