[*FAR*] Dogfight Pack released

[FAR]-Reaper has released a mission pack in the BI forums.

Quote [FAR]-Reaper :
Dogfight over the island of Utes with the AV-8B, F-35B and SU-34 in Coop or TvT.

    English/French languages
    Fight with 3 aircrafts: AV-8B "Harrier II", F-35B "Lightning II" et SU-34 "Fullback"
    Select view distance: 2000m - 3000m - 4000m - 5000m
    Select Weapons/Music: Only Cannons with music - Cannons & Missiles with music - Only Cannons without music - Cannons & Missiles without music
    Music by Silmarils "On n'est pas comme ca". I invite you to see this video of Crazy French pilots on YouTube

Written on 2009-08-10 06:07 by Big  

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