WIP report - C-130 USAF/Maryland Air Guard
Work in progress

soldier2390 released screenshots on our forums showing the C-130 reskin.

Quote soldier2390:
Here is a pic for the new C-130 Maryland Air Quard! textures are all done by EddieD...thanks man so much!!!

for more pics check the rest of my pics...ill release soon, just need to reman a few things so it dont confict with rockets usec one! all credtis will go to rocket for the model and EddieD for the textures..thx guys

8582-c130usaf1.jpg 8582-c130usaf2.jpg 8582-c130usaf3.jpg
8582-c130usaf4.jpg 8582-c130usaf5.jpg

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Written on 2009-08-11 05:20 by soldier2390  

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