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Briefing Manager

Since Arma II is out, I've seen numerous post on different forums from people asking how to create briefings for their missions.

In OFP, some HTML format knowledge was necessary to pull it out but in Arma II BIS as reduced the process to a few scripting commands more accessible for experience scripters but still a bit difficult for new users.

But it's not until I found Mikey's briefing template that the idea of facilitating the process crossed my mind. His template, and the description he gave, were so clear and well organized that I instantly saw the basic of the program that would output such a file. The version I found is 0.02 and this is the one that I've used. Good work Mikey!

So, how does it work ?
The Briefing Manager facilitates the creation and maintenance of your briefing file. More precisely, it will help you create and maintain the two main entities that are the core of the new briefing format, the tasks and the notes sections. It will also manage the HTML code needed to attach markers to text, insert pictures in your briefing, and define the current task. All this using a very simple GUI interface accessible to anyone.

The command buttons are self-explained and have tool tips briefly explaining what they do. If you know how to use Windows, using the manager will be very easy.

Just install the briefing manager at a location of your preference. In the installation folder you will find a readme file with more info how to use this tool.

Change log:
- Possibility to convert OFP/Arma briefings to Arma II format by selecting the HTML format in the Open Dialog.

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