WIP report - USAF HH60g
Work in progress

ADuke informed on our forums he have started making USAF HH60g for ArmA.

Quote ADuke:
Hello Community,

I have made a USAF hh60g for those of you still playing ArmA. The doors are open, the cargo soldiers hang their legs over the side (like the MH6 and MH60L from Red's pack). There are cargo positions inside as well, each with their own animations. The animations were generously donated by MODUL, and configured for cargo use by me. MODUL's animation pack is a requirement to use the helo. The main body textures are by EddyD with slight modifications here and there. The addon is pretty much complete just needs some tweaks here and there, so expect it within the week.

8582-hh60g2.jpg 8582-hh60g3.jpg 8582-hh60g4.jpg

You can post your feedback in the USAF HH60g topic.

Written on 2009-08-13 04:31 by ADuke  

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