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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes

Short description: Makes reticles and ballastics more realistic

Date: 2010-01-21 07:10

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31st MEU Replacement Reticles and Realistic Ballistics

The purpose of this reticle pack is to properly calibrate the rifle reticles within ArmA 2, to allow for range estimation and to transform the task of long-distance shooting from nothing more than pressing space bar or just a guessing game, into an exercise in range estimation and bullet drop compensation. This pack also includes more realistic zero's and accurate ballistics, created by NonWonderDog.

This will be a niche mod, for those who understand long range shooting and who know how to use mils to range estimate. I have no qualms about that, it's going to be a small percentage of people. But for those who do, this mod will make the task of range estimation MUCH easier, and more realistic.

Three simple steps: Extract, Select, Instruct:

1)To install this package, extract all of the contents to your ArmA 2 directory, so you have all of the above .7z files in that directory. For people who bought it over Steam, that will most likely be c:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\ArmA 2\. For everyone else, you need to navigate to your ArmA 2 directory and copy all of the .7z files into the root directory.

You will need to use your favorite unzip program which supports .7z. Winrar will work just fine for those who use Winrar.

2)Next select which .7z file you want. You can read about what each .7z package modifies in the readme, or just look at the pictures below. You can only use one .7z at a time. If you extract one, and then later decide you want to use a different one, simply extract the one you want and over-write the files you previously extracted. Once you've completed the next step, you wont have to do that again. All you will have to do to change which reticle pack you use is simply unzip the pack in your ArmA 2 folder, and let it overwrite the previous pack you are using.

3)Finally, you need to instruct ArmA 2 to actually use this mod folder. There are three ways to do this:

For Steam users, open steam. Click on the “My Games” tab of Steam. Rick-click “ArmA 2” and click “Properties.” Click on the “Set Launch Options” button. Type “-mod=@31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticles” If you've already got another mod in there, then simply add the @31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticles to your initilization string, so it should look similar to this: “-mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3:@31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticl es”

For non-Steam users who use the shortcut method. First, if you don't have a shortcut to ArmA 2, create a shortcut to your ArmA2.exe. Next, right-click that shortcut, and click on “properties.” In the “Target” line, you should see something like “C:\Program Files\Publisher\ArmA 2\ArmA2.exe” After the last quotation mark, add a space and then type
“-mod=@31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticles” If you've already got another mod in there, then simply add the @31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticles to your initilization string, so it should look similar to this: “-mod=@mod1;@mod2;@mod3:@31st_MEU_Replacement_Reticl es”

For people who use an ArmA 2 launcher, make sure you add this addon to your ArmA 2 launcher's list of addons. Then launch ArmA 2!

Non-ACE Users: If you are not using ACE 2, you will need to navigate to “ArmA 2\userconfig\31stMEU\” and open the .hpp file. You will need to change “#define RETICLE_ACE” to “//#define RETICLE_ACE”
NOTE: If you are using GMJ's Sight Adjustment, simply extract the “Range Cards.7z” into your @GMJ_SightAdjustment\Addons folder. It will overwrite the old range cards.

If you would like to use my work, I have no problem with that. I ask that give credit where it is due. If you want to use NonWonderDog's work, you have to ask him. I have not asked for permission to give out his work. He allowed me to use his work for my mod pack, so if you want to use his mod pack, you need to ask him. The reticles I listed above, however, I designed and am free to distribute. I just ask that you give me credit when you do, and include a link to

Due to the nature of this mod, I can not give out permission to use the ballistics. While some of the ballistics I redid, a lot of them are still NWD's. So in order to use the ballistics for any other mods, you would need to obtain NWD's permission as well.

Change log:
- Made this compliant with ACE 2.
- Tweaked the optics on a few weapons.
- Changed the M110 from a fixed 10x optic to a variable powered 3-10x.
- Fixed the config dependencies.

- fixed bug which screwed up the G36 dependencies
- fixed M4 SD models not to be silenced
- added oval-shaped USMC-style Mil Dot
- another recommended pack which includes SMC mil-dots for the M40/M24 rifles

Credits & Thanks:
NonWonderDog – 90% of this mod is his work. I take no credit for the work he has done. This mod was originally an Armed Assault mod, which I then tweaked to create the first version of the 31st MEU Replacement Reticle pack. I have since ported this reticle pack to ArmA 2. I would not have been able to do this had it not been for his work, and permission.

Yakavetta – That's me. I did most of the leg work on this, outside of NWD's already amazing work. I did the reticle calibrations and creation, as well as some minor config.bin changes to make it compliant with ArmA 2. I also combined NWD's Ballistics mod for ArmA one with this mod, to make it more realistic.

Susnir – Beta testing and feedback. He helped identify some show-stopping bugs, and got me to fix them prior to releasing this mod.

Bowman – Beta testing and feedback. He helped identify a minor bug which caused an error message to display on launch, and helped me tweak my config file to be able to launch without an error. Of course we're no longer friends since he made me rewrite the entire config! He also helped me tweak the zero's and range cards for every weapon. He spent a LOT of time helping me perfect this.

Mabes, Adair, Binkowski – All beta testers, and all helped get this mod out the door

zGuba - fixing G36 dependencies

kju – Identified some dependency issues within the config file which have now been fixed.

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