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Quote mpatton :
Hey guys,
I finished making a sniper level today, first level I've ever made. I'd like someone to try it and see how it plays out. It's all fine for me but I'd like a second opinion. If you have the ability to edit the mission, could you check my work? See if there's anything you'd do differently or that could be done better.

This mission has no briefing at the moment. One look at the map should explain the mission well enough (through markers) but for a quick rundown:
    1) sniper (player) starts south of a town (can't remember name)
    2) player advances north to assassinate target
    3) target patrols marked road, unarmed, leading 2 other men
    4) marked question marks on map are possible positions of snipers. Basically I spawned 5 snipers with about a 50% chance of being there.
    5) the noted assault team will attack once you're detected (you'll know by an alarm). I believe they're set as playable but there's no end mission trigger if you play as them.
    6) after taking down the target, the player's waypoint *should* advance to the exfil point. I had a little trouble getting this to work right, but at this point I think it's working well.
    7) once arriving at extraction, get in the chopper and extract. mission ends. Scoring wasn't taken into account on this mission.

Written on 2009-08-14 16:53 by Big  

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