WIP report - USCG RHIB reskin
Work in progress

Feint released screenshots on our forums showing the US Coast Guard reskin for the RHIB.

Quote Feint:
So I've been interested in doing more US Coast Guard skins since seeing The Guardian movie (which if you haven't seen yet is very good). So my next skin might just have to be a reskin of the Marine RHIB to a USCG livery.

These RHIBS would be used for SAR missions and of course Law Enforcement (boarding of ships, drug smuggling interceptions, anti-piracy (escort missions), and of course anti-terrorism). Not sure if I should include the RHIB with the Mk19 grenade launcher. Also, I don't have any "coasties" to drive the boats. So for now, I'm using the blue US Navy deck crewmen.

8582-rhibreskin.jpg 8582-rhibreskin1.jpg 8582-rhibreskin2.jpg

You can find more screenshots and post your feedback in the USCG RHIB reskin topic.

Written on 2009-08-15 05:47 by Feint  

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