CTF gamemode : Rip and Run by Bartkusa

Bartkusa released his first mission for ArmA2 in the BI forums.

Quote Bartkusa :
This is my first mission, but I've spent a lot of time polishing it. If someone on each team spends 60 seconds staring at the briefing and coming up with a game plan, it should be a bite-sized bit of fun for 8v8 up to 22v22.

Premise: Just before dawn, BLUFOR is trying to grab OPFOR's flag and bring it back to their base. Both teams have up to three six-man squads and a small SpecOps team. As a secondary objective, the Utes airfield hangers have some unfueled armored vehicles, which are free for either team to take and refuel.

BLUFOR assets: BLUFOR's leaders and SpecOps have night-vision goggles. Leaders also have flares. For mobility, there is a Humvee, a number of trucks, and some boats hidden along the coastline.

OPFOR assets: Many of OPFOR's leaders and Spetsnaz operators have flares. The area around the flag has been fortified with sandbags, and machine gun nests facing East and West.

Flag GPS module: Once the flag has been grabbed, it will report, every 15 seconds, which map grid it was in 15 seconds ago. This will automatically be marked on the map.

Written on 2009-08-18 08:23 by Big  

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