Coop mission : Mind the Fulda Gap updated

Bartkusa submitted a new version of this coop mission for ArmA2.

Quote Bartkusa :
Up to 54 playable positions, but can be played with as few as 15 real people. Fewer still, if you're savvy with ordering around AI units and/or using High Command (which I am not)

Premise: Russian troops are invading Chernogorsk through a narrow valley to the North. Underequipped USMC troops must delay their advance as long as possible.

BLUFOR assets: Two platoons of infantry, two sniper/spotter teams, one commander, one mortar battery.

OPFOR assets: One company of armor, one company motorized rifles, two companies infantry, etc.

Mortar Officer: One player is in charge of a seven-gun 81mm mortar battery. They have access to the Artillery Module, which allows them to aim their own gun. By using new, scripted radio commands, they can order their battery to use the same firing solution and volley fire at the target.

Field Engineers: Most squads (perhaps too many?) have an engineer that can spend money to build fortifications and static weapons.

Written on 2009-08-26 06:26 by Big  

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