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Requirements: MAP Editorupgrade (EU), Car Radio, VFAI - AI Extension - ArmA II, Community Base addons
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-08-21 18:09

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The Hunt


In Chernarus the civil war is raging. Insurgents perpetrate attacks on state institutions and raid troops of the CDF regularly. The attempts of the chernarussian government to stop that terrorism in the beginning have failed. Now the whole country feels the concentrated strength of the CDF, leading to more and more civilian casualties.
To protect the russian part of the population, troops have been sent to set up camps for refugees and to protect them against attacks. But we have instructions to keep us away from all fighting. Russian soldiers may only resident outside the camp with the express permission of the chernarussian government or the CDF.
This is not our war and we are only here as a protection force.

The chernarussian capital Chernogorsk has been target of several attacks during the last days.
Todays mission is to evacuate Konstantin Nikolayev, an importaint russian politican, from the city of Chernogorsk. The roads throughout the war-shattered Chernarus was considered too dangerous. Therefore, we should - contrary to the agreement with the CDF - fly to Chernogorsk by helicopter, to rescue Nikolayev and bring him into savety.
On the way back, we came under enemy fire, our chopper got damaged and had to crash-land. Now we find ourselfs somewhere deep in Chernarus. We are on our own and have to find a way back to the refugee camp near Krasnostav on our own.

* Several options to set the overall difficulty level, the available help and other settings
* Random number of units in own group (optional)
* Random starting position
* Random amount of enemies
* Random type and skill of enemy units
* Weatherscript (optional)
* Some hidden that might help you ...or not
* Three possible endings
* And much much more ;-)

Place the pbo file in your ArmA2\Missions folder.

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