SP mission: Fly Like An Eagle ported to ArmA2
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SaOk has informed us he has released an ArmA2 version of his mission Fly Like An Eagle in the BI forums.

Quote SaOk :
South Sahrani and her King is an ally of the U.S. and as such is entitled to preservation of it's Government and infrastructure. The powerful Northern Government seeks to overthrow the Southern Kingdom and establish a full, island wide government. They currently have ties to Russia in the form of military contracts which proved to be devastating to our limited military presence that remained on the island. As the struggle intensified so did the U.S involvement. We diverted many idle assets to the region to restore peace at the gateway city of Corazol and provide a visible interest in the stability of the Southern kingdom but the North just couldn't take the hint that we were fully committed to this cause. They responded to our presence by attacking our supply ships in the waters of Southern Sahrani. As in previous wars, that was the final straw which forced our hand. Last week, the President declared war on the Northern Democratic Republic of Sahrani and since then our military presence continues to strengthen and expand.

Written on 2009-08-22 11:50 by SaOk  

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