Coop mission : Dawn Breaker by Jimmy the Saint

Jimmy the Saint has released a new mission based in his Secure Pusta coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote Jimmy the Saint :
The multiplayer coop mission which I've created before has undergone some (major) changes and I'd like to present it to the whole ArmA2 community in hope to get some feedback. This mission was formerly known as "CO 14 Secure Pusta v1.0".

Since "Team Razor" destroyed a ChDKZ reconnaissance system in the village of Pusta, Insurgent raids are a possible threat for the inhabitants.
USMC "Team Dawn Breaker" will be deployed near Pusta to seize the village and dig in until Allied Forces are ready to move north-west of Chernarus.

Secure Pusta and the area around the village until safe USMC checkpoints have been build on the roads and a border established.

Intel: Rumours are that movements of ChDKZ units have been seen near Vyshnoye, Guglovo and Mogilevka preparing an assault to the south-east of Chernarus. Enemy contact around Pusta is very likely.

Mission start will be at 715h from USS Khe Sanh. Your squad will approach the area of operation from the west of Chernarus via UH-1Y helicopter transport - callsign "NOVEMBER".
Insertion will be west of Pusta around 730h.
Bushes, trees and woods on the eastern, northern and southern area of the LZ should give a strategical vantage for the squad before advancing into the village.

Behaviour of inhabitants is supposed to be neutral or friendly towards the NATO and/or US military units..

Written on 2009-08-22 15:35 by Big  

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