Nice_Boat's Tank Damage System updated by Rydygier
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Rydygier informed us he has released a new version of the Tank Damage System addon on the BI forums.
Tank Damage System has originally been made by Nice_Boat but since he left the community Rydygier continued working on this project.

Quote Rydygier :
Please, report any spotted issues or improvement ideas. I'm rarely working on this, but it is still alive and I want to continue improving TDS as far, as needed/possible.

  • fixed some "bulletproof" infantry/exposed crew issues;
  • fixed "dividing by 0" issues with armor thickness calculations for some tanks.
I'm poor in 3D vector/geometry math, and did not found good enough way to take into account slant, when tank is placed on the slope (obviously height levels are disturbed then, and hardcoded "turret begin level" is no longer vertically exact). Error is not so big, but for steep slopes makes noticeable difference sometimes.

Now consequently turret direction must be calculated separatelly from the hull - it is done.

Written on 2013-07-20 20:40 by Rydygier  

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