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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-08-23 19:40

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'Platoon' is a Infantry Tactics Coop Game with 'sequential respawn'. This means you should play as if there is no respawn option but if you get struck by bad luck, you'll get back in play when the current mission is completed.

BIS High Command is implemented on a Chain-of-Command basis so Platoon Co controls the three Squads while each Squad leader freely control it's three FireTeams to solve each mission as appropriate (only USMC version).

Your task is simple, help securing the target area and stay alive.

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\Missions folder for SP or to ArmA2\MPMissions for MP.

With AI commander the assault is divided into 3 steps. First all units move up to the target area and stop some 200m outside while the first unit arrivning calls in Fire Support.

Second step is that all stays disembarked while the Fire Mission executes.

Third step is the actual assault with all units moving in with somewhat cover from the just finished WP Fire Mission.

If Platoon Commander is AI there will be Orders sent to each squad for different sections of the town to secure, of course this is supposed to be managed by a human player but is no requirement. AI teamleaders will follow AI squadleaders and do their best to clear each corner of the target.

AI groups will split/merge teams (not all versions) and disembark vehicle at a fairly correct manner. Armed vehicle will keep its crew supporting dismounted squad/teams.

Forward Aircontroller:
Forward Air Controller have the ability to call in Air Support (N/A for AI) in which case he'll leave the Platoon HQ team and are free to laser mark targets for the attached Close Air Support pilot. When CAS returns to base FAC will return to Platoon HQ team.

Each unit that die will be moved to a remote spot and need to wait there until mission is over, failed or not. While at respawn area you may listen to some tracks and/or spectate the ongoing mission.

After each mission all units will rearm and restore it's health (after some R'n'R hours not part of the game). If mission was successful there will be a supply convoy heading towards you (in case you need to rearm your vehicle).

Mission comes in 2 versions, one US Marines (co56) and one Russian (co47).
co56 may be run using MTVR or AAV as Transport.
co47 may be run using BTR-90 or BMP-3 Transport

since 1.03 ded.server laughs at us silly ppl setting param1 and 2 there are two missions with AAV and BMP3 preset included.

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