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* ArmA2 - Rangers

    Binkowski posted a screenshot showing one of the rangers units he is working on, on BI forums.
    Quote Binkowski :
    Here's something that's from my thread. Rangers, simple as that, needs to have some touchups made to the gear and textures. But eh it's progressing.


    - BI forums WIP 2

* ArmA2 - GRID 7-09 mod

    zarcuz has announced a mod called GRID 7-09 on the BI forums, it will be set in the year 2132, he also released some screenshots of the mods Armed Colonial Settler.
    Quote zarcuz :
    Genre: Scifi
    Gameplay: Multiplay / Prehaps Singleplayer
    Enviroment: Like earth just more extrem with dangerous Wildlife
    Combat: Mainly infantry combat.

    I have a more then just this model. Just not on this comp... Further more i have never tried moding arma 2 before. So if anyone wants to have a look at my models they can just page me. Ohh and you can use it for what ever you like. It dossn't have to be in this mod.

    2661-pers.jpg 2661-frt.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - JTD Fire And Smoke

    DMarkwick posted some screenshots and a video showing his Fire and Smoke addon for ArmA 2, on the BI forums.
    Quote DMarkwick :
    I will be making the smoke more variable this time around I think. Less volume, more variance. So each source will have timed random variable settings like particle rate, wind affectedness, and initial velocity. This should mean that the smoke has different looks and shapes, more like how it should look for random burning of vehicles.

    As a result of the aesthetic considerations, the viewblock will probably be restricted to the area around the beginning of the smoke, and for the first part of it's climb. Please take into consideration that this is a WIP update, that might change

    The main limitation I'm coming up against is the dreaded particle scaling bug, where large particles can only be rendered up to a certain size onscreen, after which they are only drawn at one size. This means that zooming in or moving close makes the smoke effects look a little dumb sometimes. As a result, I'm tweaking the effect for mid-far distances.

    2661-arma22009-08-0702-45-49-62.jpg 2661-arma22009-08-0702-55-39-00.jpg


    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - MH53E reskinned

    topas has teamed up with Gachopin and is working on a reskinn of the MH53E which was recently released.
    Quote topas :
    We had a nice PM exchange with Gachopin and decided to cooperate on this one. I was about to donate the texture as shown in last post but felt that it still misses that 'little something'.
    So here's a new WIP with detail added to the plating + changed Vanguard emblem (additionaly even more weathering here and there).
    Still a lot of work with those tine bolts as only 80% of the sides has those, no under the 'belly' yet.

    4-mh53e_reskin_van1.jpg 4-mh53e_reskin_van2q.jpg 4-mh53e_reskin_van3.jpg 4-mh53e_reskin_van4.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Mando Missile

    Mandoble released another video showing the latest of his Mando Missile for ArmA2 on the BI forums.
    Quote Mandoble :
    See here the A2 MMC system in a stealth planes test mission. A LAV25 is used here to simulate a HAWK SAM launcher (MMC system). The SAM can detect, lock on and track the Harriers, but the F35B remains invisible to radar (for this mission its class was added to the stealth types array).

    You may see also some automatic flares in action. The MMA flares are effective only if dropped inside correct range and aspect angle with the incomming missile, else the missile will ignore them. The missile might also reacquire the target after passing through the flares clould (as seen in the last seconds of the video) if the original target is still inside muissile's active detection cone.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Valhalla mod

    SenChi has released one screenshot showing Valhalla's Radioactive forest on the BI forums.
    Quote SenChi :
    Red Pine, this is a temporary port of Arma-1 (They are ugly), I replace them with new Red Pine from Arma-2, after the release MLOD-models.


    - BI forums

* Campania de Malvinas mod

    catito14 has released three screenshot showing several vehicles from his mod which is based in the Falklands..
    Quote catito14 :
    Sorry for the silence of radio, we were very busy this last months.
    Though already the matter remained resolved, it is exactly as Alphadelta said , the name MALVINAS is in Spanish, MALOUINES in French, FALKLANDS in English, etc. etc.
    As for the date of release, we decided to launch soon the models finished up to the moment for the Armed Assault, and to continue with the complete development for the ARMA 2.
    Here I leave images of the vehicles "with wheels", which it is the last thing that we are going to realize for the Armed Assault. The rest (planes, helicopters, ships, etc.) will be for ARMA 2.

    2661-unimog.jpg 2661-panhard.jpg 2661-landrover.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Nuclear Bomb Pack

    bktman has released a video and two screenshots showing the Nuclear bomb mod he is working on for ArmA 2.
    Quote bktman :
    I am currently working on a nuclear bomb mod for ArmA 2. I have been working on this project for a while and decided I would post some progress for you guys to look at.

    The mod will hopefully byt the end feature:
    - GIG SCUD from ArmA:Armed Assault ported to ArmA 2.
    - Droppable Nukes from planes.
    - Different Nukes to drop from planes and add to your bases for looks. (They will explode if damged.)
    - Special Vehicles and Boats used to launch Nuclear Devices.

    2661-arma22009081709594060.png 2661-arma22009081710153554.png

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Australia island

    Aussie informed the community he has been working to bring his Australia island to ArmA2 on the BI forums.
    Quote Aussie :
    Hi all, were slowly getting the island up and running in Arma2. Still some small issues but overall pretty happy with the textures and clutter. I'll post up some more of the cities once we've added some Arma2 buildings. Also need to fix the satelite images, and work on a decent texture/clutter for the outback.

    4-australia_island_74.jpg 4-australia_island_75.jpg 4-australia_island_78.jpg 4-field.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Eden 3.0

    SgtAce showed a few pictures and a video on the BI forums of the Eden island which he is busy porting over to ArmA2.
    Quote SgtAce :
    It will not be the identical old ofp Everon.
    There will be a lot changes and il try to get a more dirty used environment. Last infos from my side till release.

    If someone like to help me with betatesting feel free to contact me @ dev heaven or via pm.

    4-eve44.jpg 4-eve55.jpg

    - BI forums

Written on 2009-08-23 20:59 by Armaholic  

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