WIP report - City Life 2 RPG mod
Work in progress

Bluevein and CAF=DaN released a couple of screenshots as well as a video on our forums showing the City life 2 RPG mod.

3326-3d5223118fb0bef724a5a20559a8413db6156707.png.jpeg 3326-68133689b688b580f5b6fa4300b59aae91924888.png.jpeg 3326-7365ae43649ffa019e7cd87ec4df4c9ecf59b449.png.jpeg 3326-848cb049e25e0847d02b060547e7dbc48ccf57c3.png.jpeg 3326-d33fa02abdcbc09ccab6267b74895eb26c7a0792.png.jpeg

You can find more info and post your feedback in the City Life 2 RPG mod wip topic.

Written on 2009-08-25 18:41 by sparks50  

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