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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2015-01-05
Signed: Yes

Short description: Regular army, special forces, police and more from the Polish Forces

Date: 2014-12-21 17:16

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Modern Polish Army and Police - Military


This contains military stuff, human models, weapons, policemen, apcs, tanks etc.
Also there is some civilian material like cars, vans and civil trucks.

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Included .pbo files:

WIKI: < backpacks < civili veh < military veh < police veh < units < weapons

Credits & Thanks:
YAC - some models and textures (Pilot, Skoda Octavia, shoes for soldier, desert camouflage texture and more)
LWP Mod, Offtime, - since Project 85 , for Star 266, other persons for Rosomak exterior
Dmitri Harkov, GNAT, Macko - config help
Flashpoint.Ru - custom animations, sights help, MLOD help
Topas and people from Polish community for references, intel, pictures and new Star 266 tex
and for sure many other people, this addon takes part from 2 years so it is longer developed
sounds are recorded from Youtube - also thanx
for more details visit :

All of my addons are only to be used in Arma 2. Usage with Dayz or porting to Arma 3 or any other game (especially not-BIS games) is not allowed.
These addons can not be used on commercial servers.

- SA8 issues with driver wheel, too slow radar, plus i changed config so now player can aim targets near horizon, previously it was made to limit AI from using it against ground targets, but disadvantage was that player couldn't aim horizon air targets,
- Loara - fixed issue with slow turning radar and with legs of driver when turned out, also i added config options for NV and FLIR scope,
- Star 266 rear lights fixed, Dzik AT rear lights fixed, Landrovers emergency light on far distances now blinks , also optimized Landrovers on far lods (lowpoly wheels modeled to replace highpoly wheels on far lod for better performance), Tarpan Saper - also fixed,
- 2 versions of uparmoured Hibneryt, with zeroing set to 400 m,
- Anders - crew proxies do not appear when turned in,
so it was NPL (Dzik is in NPL),

- fixed AI artillery
- remodelled helicopters
- new textures by Topas
- fixed missing rear lights on many vehicles

- fixed geo lod

- added Mercedes G softtop and hardtop

- fixed - commander out in WZTs,
- added Hibneryt
- 25th 11 2013
- due to evental VBS needs added 2 enginnering support vehicles:
- WZT3 - repair vehicle
- HQ APC "Regina" WDSz/G
- also on request added second model of T72M with skirts (now there are 2 , with skirts and without skirts)
- previous bugs fixes to come

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- Vilas' Forum

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