WIP report - ACU retexture
Work in progress

Jakethesnake? released screenshots on our forums showing his ACU retexture.

Quote Jakethesnake?:
Well I was bored the other day and I decided to do some research on textures. So this is my very first retexture and it is still very WIP. Its just to hold off untill someone else releases something better. Heres a screenie, I could use some help with the config stuff etc. If your willing to help please pm me. I did some reg ACU and dirtied up the helmets pouches etc.

8582-arma22009-08-2517-27-19-22.jpg 4-arma22009-08-2601-46-18-53.jpg

You can post your feedback in the ACU retexture topic.

Written on 2009-08-26 04:25 by Jakethesnake?  

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