Coop missions by Paul Ventseck
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Paul Ventseck has submitted two new coop missions for ArmA2.

Notice these missions are completely in Spanish.

Quote Paul Ventseck :
Appetite for Destruction: Final version of this mission. The enemy has received new supplies from their allies and has constructed a VANT at Novy Sobor. Our main task is destroy it so they can not ask for reinforcements. Once we have achieved this, we must move towards Chernogorsk to establish our HQ. The second objective is to destroy the VANT at Elektrozacodsk and complete any other secondary objective.

Castillo GGS: The enemy has set up some camps surrounding the castle and their are preparing the assault. We have air defences and we must repel their first attacks and then destroy their camps to cut their comms.

Written on 2009-08-26 13:18 by Big  

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