Walker for ARMA 2
Work in progress

PatrynBAC did inform us about his latest creation for ArmA2.

Quote PatrynBAC :
This is my new addon (previous one was optic schematic for bullet drop compensation PBDC500) for Arma 2.
Of course it is cheated, of course overpowered, of course not realistic but fun to do and to share.

Features included (hopefully):
    - heat management
    - new cockpit
    - walk animation (tough part)
    - Eye sighted gatling gun
    - three player (pilot, gunner, Armor chief)
    - Ejection seat
    - smoke launch
    - grenade launcher
    - submersible (for ambush and very very tough part)
    - M1abrahms main canon
    - 2 x M2 .50 rifle
    - Gatling gun
    - 2x pod of 16 FFAR
    - 8x hellfire
    - 2x sidewinder
For the design I used 3dsmax, the basis was to start from existing vehicle (Abrahms and Apache) in order to create a walker.

4-detail_cokpit.jpg 4-detail_cokpit_gun_turret.jpg 4-detail_top_turret.jpg 4-front.jpg 4-version02mecha.jpg

You can find more information and post your feedback in the Walker for Arma 2.

Written on 2009-08-27 07:52 by PatrynBAC  

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