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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.5
Signed: Yes, server key included

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Date: 2009-11-05 21:47

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ADuke's Helo pack

HH60g and MH60K helicopters for ArmA that have "Black Hawk Down" style cargo positions and can carry a full chalk of troops. These helicopters are fastrope capable, fastroping is initiated by the group that is in cargo, pilot has no control over fastroping.

True-to-life model additions by ADuke
Custom cargo positions with animations by MODUL
Integrated fastroping by DeanosBeano
Professional textures by DaveyGary1979

As we always recommend use modfolders. If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo file(s):

All helicopters can now be found in the editor under:

BLUFOR->ADuke's Helo Pack


For information on the status of the ArmA 2 port, please go here. I gladly welcome advice on how to port these, BUT please do not make demands, or PM me saying "Hey, when are you going to port your helo pack?" When I have answers they will be ported.

Change log:
- Fixed error messages like this... "Cannot load material file ad_helos\textures\mh60k\rvmat\mh60_3_co.rvmat"
- Fixed glass anomalies above co-pilot seat
- Removed gloss effect in material files

- Fixed constant visibility of muzzle flash for left mini-gun.
- Made all helos available under one heading in the editor.
- Added textures by DaveyGary1979.
- Fixed the immobility of front and rear dampers.
- Added first person freelook for gunners.
- Removed front spotlights as requested.
- Removed any and all references to "red_blackhawks".
- Added glossiness to specular maps.

- Fixed the barrels on the mini-guns, they weren't spinning
- Improved normal mapping for all helos
- Added co-pilot seat and disabled it for troops in-cargo
- Changed "Set Ropes" action to "Drop Ropes"
- Changed MH60K color
- Added 3 new helos

Credits & Thanks:
1. MODUL for use of the static animations and for allowing me to convert them for cargo use.
2. EddyD for the HH60g textures that were featured in versions Beta1, and RC1.
3. DeanosBeano for allowing me to integrate his fastroping scripts and rope models.
4. Norrin for his guidance with editing the fastrope scripts to my liking.
5. DaveyGary1979 for his phenomenal texture work.
6. Soldier2390 for his enthusiasm, support, and willingness to share his work (sorry I couldn't use any of it).
7. BloodnGuts for glamor shots on the download page.
8. Everyone who posted in the WIP thread with encouraging words, and bug reports, you are what kept me working when I wanted to throw in the towel.
9. BIS for making such great, open source games/simulators.
10. BIS for the sample uh60 models, textures, model.cfg, and config.cpp.
11. My girlfriend for her patience, understanding, interest, and support.

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