WIP report - Project Aus
Work in progress

Rhodesy_77 screenshots on our forums showing the units included in the mod.

Quote Rhodesy_77:
Something alot of people have been looking forward to , very early wip, and i swear if anyone says they are too clean i will kick there ass (not finished!)

all credits for original textures and models go to STALKERGB and Couger, as they were kind enough to share their gear. reskin and model/config work is done by myself.

once i get these done (have ALOT to do as i got big plans) il get back to work on the weapons, as they are going to be a pain


8582-projectausunits1.jpg 8582-projectausunits2.jpg

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Written on 2009-08-27 15:36 by Rhodesy_77  

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