WIP report - US Army '09 Units
Work in progress

Binkowski11 has released a couple of new screenshots on our forums showing the latest progress he made with his US Army '09 Units.

Quote Binkowski11 :
Just a repost from the BIS forums, I'm back. And I've been hard at work on these. Hoping to get them released soon to you. Hopefully before Arrowhead is released.

More WIP for you all. Just some comparison shots. For the record, these are not my Rangers. These are my regular infantry, who will probably make an appearance in ArmA2 before my Rangers do.

4-binkowski11_dmrs.png 4-binkowski11_grunts.png 4-binkowski11_off_duties.png

You can post your feedback in the US Army '09 Units wip topic.

Written on 2009-08-27 22:05 by Foxhound  

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