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Version: 1.0
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Short description: Contains two boats in US Coast Guard livery for Armed Assault 2

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Date: 2009-08-28 09:47

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US Coast Guard Boats
Jon Hillenbrand (Feint)

This addon contains two boats in US Coast Guard livery for Armed Assault 2 :
    -USCG RHIB - This boat is based on the USMC RHIB and uses US Navy crew (red).
    -USCG Zodiac - This boat based on the Russian PBX contains a US Navy crewman as well (red).
The loadouts of both ships have been modified to better represent the loadouts of USCG operations. The use of US Navy crewmen is just a placeholder for now. I plan to make USCG soldiers to populate these two boats. The top speed of the PBX has been increased by 10.

Included .pbo files:
uscg_jfh.pbo (contains the p3d files, paa files and a general config)
uscg_jfh_config.pbo (contains the main config file)
uscg_jfh_factions.pbo (contains a config file which creates the USCG faction)

We always recommend to make modfolders.
Read our FAQ for how to do it.

You'll find the units on the BLUFOR side under the USCG faction.

Known issues:
- You might notice a few "reversed" textures. This is because of the way BIS applied their original mapping to the models. This can't be changed at the moment.
- US Navy Crewmen are used instead of USCG crewmen. This will be changed in a later update.

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive Studio for making the models and the original base textures.

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- Armaholic forums

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