Chernarussian Red Army troops by Rellikki updated
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Rellikki released an updated version of his Chernarussian Red Army troops addon on the BI forums.
The archieve also contains an optional replacement addon which replaces the original OPFOR insurgent troops (ChDKZ) with the Chernarussian Red Army troops.

Quote Rellikki :
Major changes are as follows:
    - Added some variency between the characters
    - Improved textures and models
    - New classes: APC Crewman, Tank Crewman and Pilot
    - Fixed the faction error caused in the game patch v.1.04
This update contains those new helmets and soldiers with rolled up sleeves which I've been showing, to add some variency to the characters. I've also improved the textures and models generally some bit too.
As per special request from Cole, I've made two configs for the addOn: English config and multilanguage config. The reason for this slightly weird system is to support owners of non-multilanguage ARMA 2 copy, who wish to use this addOn with English displaynames, but cannot set it in the game's options.

Written on 2009-10-04 20:54 by Rellikki  

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