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Requirements: Chernarussian Red Army troops
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Version: 1.021

Date: 2009-11-27 15:41

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Loose Ends

Shortly after the end of the USMC operation in Chernarus, Akula Lopotev revamped the lackluster ChDKZ forces with the help of their Russian friends. They were given new, modern equipment and exceptional training. Lopotev renamed the ChDKZ to the Chernarus Red Army, and designated it the official military forces of Chernarus. There was only one thing left for Lopotev to do, and that was to eliminate the competition. NAPA only have one stronghold left - the town of Zelenogorsk. And you, are going to lead the operation to clear it.

- The official demo for Rellikki's CRA troops addon
- Fully working intro and outro
- Overview and Briefing
- High Command, First Aid, Surrendering and Ambient Animals modules
- Can be played in Single Player as well as Co-op

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Change log:
- Made the mission only end if the Mi24s are also destroyed
- Changed overview picture to show off the units better
- Other minor fixes and changes

- The mission is now only playable in SP
- Added a new objective
- Removed saveGame after every objective
- Improved enemy AI behavior again
- Added radio messages to improve immersion (voices needed)
- Added fortifications to the town
- Added more enemy units including CDF forces
- Changed overview picture to show new version of CRA units

- The AI behavior has been improved - they no longer stay still and lying prone all the time
- A gear selection has been added to the briefing. But be careful, it is limited and you must manage it

Credits & thanks:
- Rellikki for his excellent CRA troop addon
- Kronzky for his UPS script
- OFPEC for all of their tutorials and information on everything to do with BIS' games
- BIS for this excellent game

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- BI forums

Chernarussian Red Army troops

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