MP gamemode : AT Serialkiller by NeoArmageddon and Mondkalb updated
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NeoArmageddon and Mondkalb informed us they released a new version of this mp gamemode in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
    - Fixed: JIP
    - Fixed: Multialarm at stolen cars
    - Changed: Respawnsystem
    - Fixed: Briefing
    - Changed: Killermodels (Businessman)
    - Added: Booster for Police Vats, Police bike and police UAZ
    - Removed: M16 with M203
    - Added: Pistolhiding for killer
    - Added: Hospitals
    - Added: Marker for killer (Cops cant see them)
    - Removed: Helispawn in Solnichny
    - Added: New Missionparamarray intruduced in newest ArmA2 1.03 Beta (but not supported yet)
    - Fixed/Removed: Hostages
    - Fixed: Policemarker
    - Fixed: In 1.03 intruduced eventhandler "killed" bug solved!!!
    - Added: If the killer has no weapons, he will apear as civilian
    - Changed: Police weapons

Written on 2009-09-01 08:30 by NeoArmageddon  

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