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* ArmA2 - US Desert Vehicles

    Marc15yo showed some screenshots of his US Desert Vehicles on BI forums.
    Quote Marc15yo:
    It's been a while. Well as you have noticed I haven't gotten a single reply from mcnools and it's been way to long. Now somebody said that if I wait enough and i don't get a response, it should be ok to release just as long as I credit. well I decided not to do that, and instead to just re-do the abrams, and humvees by myself same way I did all the other vehicles. Since none of the new textures belong to mcnools or any one else I'm going to release the addon very soon once I finish re-doing the humvees I'll send my files over to Rico and he'll take care of the configs.

    To start off I Re-did the Desert tan textures for all the armored vehicles. The humve textures will be updated next. Something was not quite right with the tan, i thought it was too dark. I looked closely at more real life pics, and even at the operation arrowhead screenies and tried to replicate the tan color. I also gave the vehicles a few extra touches.

    And now for the biggest part of the update. Introducing Olive Drab/green vehicles. Not neccessarily a popular thing on us vehicles, but I thought it looked sick. And I just felt like it would be a great addition to Armed assault 2.

    4420-us_desert_vehicles_02.jpg 4420-us_desert_vehicles_06.jpg 4420-us_desert_vehicles_07.jpg 4420-us_desert_vehicles_12.jpg 4420-us_desert_vehicles_05.jpg 4420-us_desert_vehicles_09.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - FAFW - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    SoldierIsNotHistory opened a new thread on BI forums to show a gallery of numerous released screens of the French army units they are working on.
    here is a little selection :

    4420-fafw_19.jpg 4420-fafw_05.jpg 4420-fafw_09.jpg 4420-fafw_20.jpg 4420-fafw_22.jpg 4420-fafw_23.jpg

    You can view the full gallery on their topic on BI forums or on their topic on forums (in french).

* ArmA2 - Group Link 4 Explosion FX + HiFi

    SNKMAN posted a video showing the new SFX sounds featured in the next release of his Group Link 4.
    Quote SNKMAN:
    All explosion sounds i use was made by Mark XIII. :)

    - BI forums WIP topic

* ArmA2 - JTD Fire And Smoke

    DMarkwick released a screenshot on the BI forums showing the JTD Fire And Smoke addon also works in CAA1 ArmA1 maps.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Mando Missile

    Mandoble posted 2 videos showing what we can expect to be included in the next release of the Mando Missile addon for ArmA2 on BI forums.
    The videos show the HUD system which incorporates a new RWR display too and the new MMC TV systems.

    - BI forums

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* ArmA2 - Civy car pack

    NZDF CRASH posted screenshots showing his work on the civy car pack, on BI forums.
    Quote NZDF CRASH:
    Fixed the cars up some more and also incorporated the arma2 super shaders into the models which makes the cars look quite sexy ingame.
    One of our lower class of vehicles the toyota corrola
    350z with super shaders
    bugatti veyron with super shaders.
    holden commodore with super shaders
    will add rear wing at some stage on the aston martin dbr9

    4420-civy_car_pack_01.jpg 4420-civy_car_pack_02.jpg 4420-civy_car_pack_03.jpg 4420-civy_car_pack_04.jpg 4420-civy_car_pack_05.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Army of the Czech Republic

    Blondak released four new screenshots of his work on the ACR mod.
    Quote Blondak:
    Here are new WIP screenshots with Tatra and Czech soldier

    4420-acr_01.jpg 4420-acr_02.jpg 4420-acr_03.jpg 4420-acr_04.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    FDFMOD Team released screenshots on their website showing the XA-180.
    Quote FDFmod team:
    The workhorse of the Finnish army, XA-180 armored personnel carrier, is seen here on a forest road during trials. XA-180 entered service in 1983 and is operated not only by Finland but also by other nations in numerous peacekeeping operations.

    The vehicle is fully amphibious and can carry two infantry squads. Several variants have been developed along the years, culminating in the Advanced Modular Vehicle (AMV) design.


    - FDF website
    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Blood Effects

    Thunderbird posted a screenshot showing his work on porting Sickboy's Blood Effects addon to ArmA 2.
    Quote Thunderbird:
    Nothing new,
    Porting/Improving the best of what has been released by the community from ArmA 1 to ArmA II.
    This would be released as soon as I get Sickboy's permission to submit it as he's the original coder of the initial scripts.


    - BI forums WIP topic

* ArmA / ArmA2 - Campania de Malvinas MOD

    catito14 posted a video teaser showing his work on the Campania de Malvinas MOD :
    Quote catito14:
    Here is a "mini" trailer of the mod (This is in Armed Assault):


    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - TrueFeeling

    bravo 6 informed the community on the BI forums he is working on his TrueFeeling mod for ArmA2.
    Quote bravo 6:
    I'm working on a TrueFeeling mod which changes the way you see the world around and feel it.

    For those who know TrueView, it might reminds you of it but the TrueFeeling I'm working on have different values on the FOV (Field Of View) and it also changes several combat feeling aspects such as accuracy, dispersion, which in my opinion will improve the immersion of the game and it will bring more natural and fun feeling into the Simulation.

    TrueFeeling also includes several zoom weapon changes in order to look and feel more natural without the extreme ZoomIn BIS gave to the weapons.
    The Binoculars have the option to ZoomIn like on several real binoculars.

    The M1Abrams cannon, commander etc view are in my point of view better improved, more playable and enjoyable, this means you will be able to see more, near you and far from you.

    The basic weapons do not have crosshair, though you can identify the friendly units as you can see in the above pictures and of course there will remain some small useful icons for some actions.

    4420-truefeeling_01.jpg 4420-truefeeling_02.jpg 4420-truefeeling_03.jpg

    - BI forums WIP topic

* ArmA2 - Wings of Russia

    Zenger released video on BI forums showing the planes included in the Wings of Russia.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Isla Terra

    IceBreakr showed a screenshot of his Isla Terra map on BI forums.
    Quote IceBreakr:
    I've started a new island project as MaxRiga pointed out that we're missing a real world map, of course: made in a miniature version suitable for infantry combat with support of choppers and aircraft

    Map will feature a realistic height data of world.

    and I'll try to crate Africa/South Asia as a desert, South America is a jungle and other places similiar/close to a real world vegetation.

    I'll keep you updated with shots and hopefully a alpha version soon. Map will be made for A2 only and will feature towns and villages in positions where real biggest cities are located.

    So far its plan to use default vanilla BIS objects/vegetation only so we can have some nice "superpowers" scenarios up & running soon


    - BI forums

Written on 2009-08-30 20:00 by Armaholic  

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