Author: zGuba
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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 21-09-2009
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: The pack contains addons changing gameplay logics or adding special effects.

Date: 2009-09-21 05:25

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zGuba's Gameplay Modifications

The pack contains addons changing gameplay logics or adding special effects.
Does no harm to remote machines, so don't worry about using it on servers.

- ZGB_Choppers (Triggerhappy Choppers)
Moves control over FFARs directly to gunship pilots.
Additionally tweaks gatling type machine guns YakB and M134.
Use manual control to use gunner's weapons.

- ZGB_Disposal (Disposable Launchers)
Makes using of disposable launchers closer to reality. Player and AI don't have to care about "magazines" anymore.
Additionally changes vehicle/crate cargo so magazines got replaced with weapons.
After firing launcher, switch the weapon when desired to see the tube getting thrown on the ground.
Known issue: empty tubes tend to fly high in the sky when pushed by splash damage due to relatively low mass.
Known issue #2: player cannot test disposable launcher in the Armory because of lack of handling type 0 magazines.
Created in cooperation with Inkompetent. Using tube clearance script by Rocko. Thank You guys!
Requires CBA.

- ZGB_Disposal_EN (Disposable Launchers in English)
Optional addon changing display names of used tubes to English.
Requires ZGB_Disposal.

- ZGB_Disposal_RU (Disposable Launchers in Native Language)
Optional addon changing display names of RPG-18s to Russian with localized comments.
Requires ZGB_Disposal.

- ZGB_Gunners (Triggerhappy Gunners)
Makes AI gunners under player's command actually shoot at something without asking them for.
Additionally makes it possible to reload ammo belt manually in mounted weapons like M2 and Mk 19.

- ZGB_Stabilization (Anti-Breakdance Vaccine)
Limits or disables stabilization on main turrets of certain vehicles to prevent "tank breakdance".
Additionally tweaks rotation speed values for T-72 and T-90 to meet their real possibilities.
Limited stabilization: T-72, T-90 - vertical only
Disabled stabilization: BMP-2, BMP-3, BTR-90

- ZGB_Stick2gether (Stick 2gether)
Makes AI stay in formations when overwhelmed.
Based on Mr Centipede's idea. Thank You!
Requires CBA.

- ZGB_VapourTrails (Vapour Trails)
Adds vapour trails to aircrafts, just like Cole's addon.
Thanks to Cole for finding the script in game's files out!
Requires CBA.

- zgb_silviefix (Silvie Fix)
Makes cars spawned by SILVIE module randomly fueled and damaged.

As we always recommend use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for how to use modfolders.

Included files:
zgb_disposal_en.pbo (optional)
zgb_disposal_ru.pbo (optional)

Change log:
- New: Silvie Fix - cars get random symptoms of beign used
- Added: Mi-24 cargo doors openable by pilots
- Fixed: KVPT was not affected by Triggerhappy Gunners

- Disposable launchers updated to meet Inkompetent's addon features, decreased M136 happiness

- Stick2gether has been simplified to maximum level possible

- Triggerhappy Gunners fixed - makes AI gunners useful again

- Anti-Breakdance Vaccine for Russian armor, improved M134 performance

- Stick2gether performance improvement

- English translation as per Cole's request

- An update for missing main feature of disposals - fancy tubes

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- BI forums

- Community Base addons

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