SP mission : For Chernarus by Bascule42

Bascule42 released a new SP mission in the BI forums.

Quote Bascule42 :
As I'm sure you have heard, ChDKZ seperatists have attacked CDF garrisons on Utes. At our governments request, US forces have already began to aid CDF forces on Utes, however it is unsure at this moment if they are willing to set foot on Chernarus, and as such, we must strike at the seperatists to limit thier effectiveness as sson as possible. We have intelligence from sympathetic sources in the North that ChDKZ are planning an operation to gain control of Southern Chernarus. This makes this mission all the more urgent.We also have intelligence that indicates ChDKZ leaders are holding meetings to rally support and recruit new members to the ChDKZ movment at a secluded farmhouse near Mogilevka. In addition, the seperatists have a weapons store a further to the east.You task is to infiltrate these two locations, plant explosives and detonate them to demolish these key ChDKZ buildings.

Once your primary objectives are complete, you will rendezvous with the rest of your squad and launch an assault on the enemy positions before heading to the extraction point for helicopter extraction.

Written on 2009-09-01 20:54 by Big  

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