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Date: 2009-09-02 08:37

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Sniper Training Camp

This training Camp is created and designed from real intel and experience from a real US sniper (DisMa77) playing AA. And from a teammember enlisted as Special Forces Ranger Unit in K-4 Arvidsjaur Sweden.

The mission is designed so you can evaluate how the recruit is behaving, shooting skills and SPecOps experience /skills.

Its recommended to play this mission as a sniper yourself before you start being a training officer and train others. Also remember to brief the sniper recruit before the mission starts and its up to you how much intel you want to give away to him before you start.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

The mission is made for 3 ppl, one sniper, one officer and one observer. Make sure the person you want to test chooses the "Sniper Role" and if you are the training-officer make sure you choose that.

Start the game and get into the M60 Chopper at the end of the carrier. Take of and follow the Waypoints on the map to "chkpoint 2" wich is the "LZ" so land there.
Walk with the sniper to the shooting range.and make sure he reloads his weapon at the ammoboxes nearby the shooting range.

Tell the sniper to start the Training by entering the shooting range 1. Here the sniper can make up to 5pts depending on how he completes the first shooting range. Use the binoculars to see where he shoots.
(explained below) (pts Expl 1.)

After completing the first range continue with the other 3
(pts Expl 2.)(pts Expl 3.)(pts Expl 4.)

After completing all the shooting ranges take the HMW and drive the sniper to "Checkpoint 5", Park the car and get out just before the road up the hill starts.

Tell the sniper to walk up the road and an "Mission briefing" will be shown onscreen with more info. Here it is important you let the sniper take his own time and walk at least 50meter
behind him.

After he have gathered the intel from the dead chopper pilot he should have the coordinates for the High Value target.
After eliminating the high value target the mission is finished.

Depending on how he completed all the task you can evaluate his skill. We do it by a points system explained below.

Points System:
We have our own points system in this mission just to make it little more fun for the other snipers to compare how much they got. But also to evaluate how fit the player is for our team.

the maximum amount of points you can gain is 20pts.
so here is the explanation how to get em.

# PTS EXPL 1. (0-5pts)
There are 3 targets or actually 4 in this shooting range
and depending on wich order he eliminates them he can get
a total of 5points.

The 4 targets are:
    --- A machinegunner controlling a heavy gun.
    --- one of the 4 tires on the truck.
    --- Commander standing on the passenger side.
    --- Truck Driver.
The sniper should eliminate the Heavy Machine gunner first as he is the most dangerous target. Then shoot one of the tires out so that the driver doesn't jump in and drive away with the high value target which is ofc the commander. After the tire is shot then take out the commander and then last the driver.

= 5pts. Eliminates all in correct order and without reloading his mag.
= 4pts. Eliminates all in correct order but have to reload.
= 3pts. Eliminates all but in wrong order.
= 2pts. Wrong order and have to reload.
= 1pts. Kills the Commander First.
= 0pts. Have to reload more then 2 time. (wasted more then 10shots.)

# PTS EXPL 2. (0-2pts)
Not very hard shooting range and not much to explain. Shoot the targets and dont waste any ammo. (SIDE NOTE: Make sure he reloads between the shooting ranges 1-4)

= 2pts. Shoots down all the targets in one mag.
= 1pts. Shoots down all the targets but have to reload one time.
= 0pts. More then 10shoots wasted.

# PTS EXPL 3. (0-2pts)
Same as above.

= 2pts. Shoots down all the targets in one mag.
= 1pts. Shoots down all the targets but have to reload one time.
= 0pts. More then 10shoots wasted.

# PTS EXPL 4. (0-5pts)
This is a very hard moving target range. The target is running very fast and from side to side just as an target would move if he knows he is under fire. A side note here is that you will have to brief your sniper before starting the mission because this moving target is not moving for hours.

= 5pts. Eliminates the target within 5Shots fired.
= 3pts. Within 10shots
= 1pts. Within 15shots.
= 0pts. More then 15 shots fired.

# PTS EXPL 5. (0-6pts)
This is the little side mission where the sniper is supposed to walk the road up the hill and search the dead pilots body for there gathered intel. The intel contains information about the location of the High Value Target located near Kamenyy.

Here the points are given after achievements during the little sidemission.

=] 1pts. is given for walking beside the road.
[ A sniper should never walk ON the road, always stay in cover. ]

=] 2pts. is given if the sniper walks up to the dead body and search it.
[ On a specops mission you should always check dead bodys for intel etc. ]

=] 1pts. Is given if he finds the ammo box fallen from the chopper.
[ Always check for ammo or other stuff near wrecks etc. ]

=] 2pts. Is given if he locate and eliminate the Officer (h-Value Target) first.
[ A sniper should almost all the time take out high value targets first. ]

I guess you are free to use it as it is or modify it but please keep the original maker tag and UrL.

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