Sniper Training Camp mission released
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N.sipher has submitted a mission for sniper training in ArmA2.

Quote N.sipher :
Hello ppl.

We are recruiting snipers for our team and have made a testing mission for our officers to test and evaluate the skills etc of the recruits.

We have had some ppl asking for this so we decided to release it so other teams can use this also.

I guess you are free to use it as it is or modify it but please keep the original maker tag and UrL.

The test is recommended to be followed in the correct order (explained in the ReadMe file and the download page)

This training Camp is created and designed from real intel and experience from a real US sniper (DisMa77) playing AA. And from a teammember enlisted as Special Forces Ranger Unit in K-4 Arvidsjaur Sweden.

The mission is designed so you can evaluate how the recruit is behaving, shooting skills and SPecOps experience /skills.

enjoy ppl.


Written on 2009-09-02 09:30 by Big  

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