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Version: 0.8 Beta

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Date: 2007-02-19 03:30

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TROOPMON V0.8 beta
written by Charon (charonos in the BI forums)

Patch 1.05 has some unwanted results with this program, the creator is working on an update for this tool so its again completely arma compatible.

A work-in-progress UI mission debugger that i have written to keep track of large numbers of infantry in a SP mission that i have been making, because there is currently/yet no similar tool available.
It helps you to increase the effectiveness of your placed units in your missions.
Fleeing units or immobile remote units are easily identified to reduce overall troopcount for optimized battles.


for update to V0.8:
    - New GUI feature: mouse-double-click unit selection!
    - Waypoints and any map markers can be moved and put
    now using the mouse on the map screen ! (before it was control buttons)
    - Waypoints can now be created in the 3D view by mouse click.
    - The camera can now be moved,rotated with the mouse.
    - New startup method (Thanks to Snakeman and Gaia for the inspiration)
    - Armament is now additionally displayed with images.
    - All waypoint types are implemented now and working
    - Ammocount and efficiency display implemented, FiredEH and KilledEH
    hacked to retrieve the data needed for this.
    - Commandline option added.
    - All ExecVM's replaced for spawns (Big thanks to sickboy for having the idea and doing it)
    - All _filename variables removed and moved&replaced by CHN_TroopMon_xxxx global variables in MonInit.SQF
    - CreateCenter.SQF if's replaced for switch with cases.
    - All static script paths replaced by (CHN_TMPATH + "scripts\scriptname.sqf")
    - 2 new viewmodes implemented, V5 suggested by Snakeman.
    - Many many bugs, mostly with the unit display and waypoints
    have been fixed.
    - cleaned up config.bin ---> no entries in ARMA.RPT anymore (suggested by KeyCat)


- A camera with 4 Viewmodes:
    1. A fixed 3rd person view
    2. Free camera mode that can be positioned around the checkunit which also allows high altitude battle scenario overview.
    3. A gunner's view through the ironsights of the checkunit's weapons.
    4. A 1st person view to find out where the checkunit is looking at.
- Crucial battle data is constantly updated such as:
    - which enemy is targetting,firing at or wounding the checkunit with the ability to switch the view to that enemy to evaluate it.
    - which enemy is the assigned target of the unit and which enemy
    is being fired upon by the checkunit. By knowing exactly what a placed unit is targeting and actually firing at, the mission maker can improve the unit's placement or combat settings.

- Troopmon works with all kinds of current/future soldier/vehicle addons.

- The UI allows for very intuitive unit selection even in high unit count battle situations.

- All status data can be shown or hidden by little toggle switches.


- There is 2 ways to select the checkunit:
    1. Select side/vehicleclass/group/unit all in the lefthand toolframe.
    2. Unhide the troopcount-display at the bottom of the screen by pressing the little >i< toggle switch. Now you can select the vehicleclass in each sides row by simple clicking it and the lefthand toolframe will update the side/vehicleclass information. Finally select the group and unit you want to check from the toolbar.

- The troopcount-display:
There is 3 modes available to display.
    - Alive will change the textcolor to green and only display the number of {alive} units.
    - Casual will change the textcolor to red and only display the number of {dead} units.
    - Total will change the textcolor to black and display the total number of all generated units during the mission.
Units that are boarded in vehicles will show up under man, so the mission maker has permanent overview of all infantry unit counts.
Vehicles that are empty show up in white under civilian, but only if there is no actual civilian commanded vehicle in the map (ie. no real civilian units in vehicles).

- Camera Control:
    ^: Zooms the camera in on the camera target.
    V: Zooms the camera out on the camera target.
    >: Rotates clockwise around the camera target.
    <: Rotates counter-clockwise around the camera target.
    UP: Moves the camera up.
    DN: Moves the camera down.
    FX: Toggles between the fixed camera mode and the locked checkunit mode. The fixed camera mode allows for checkunit independent camera positioning.
    CT: Toggles to the Camera target mode, in which the position of the camera target can be adjusted.
- Time acceleration:
The little + and + toggle switches allow to change the time acceleration which is useful for long missions.

- Armament:
By pressing this switch you can display information about the checkunits weapons and ammo.

- Details:
This reveals lots of status variables of the checkunit also including
new ArmA features.

- Statistics:
A display that informs about battle statistics (in future versions).

- Load camera position:
A drop-down menu that contains previously saved (fixed) camera positions

- Save camera position:
Pressing the button adds the current camera position to the camera saves.

- Favorites toggle:
This toggles the UI between Favorite and normal mode.

- Make Favorite:
Pressing the button adds the current checkunit to the Favorites.

- Heal:
Completely heals the checkunit.

- Kill:
Kills the checkunit.

- Stop:
Stops the checkunit,"unstops" the checkunit.

- Ceas:
Toggles between "Never Fire" (combatmode "BLUE") and the old combatmode.
Be aware that this alters the combatmode for the ENTIRE group the checkunit is in !!!

- Rot+: Rotates a unit +90 degrees.

- Rot-: Rotates a unit -90 degrees

- Optns:
    - Group settings : Not really sophisticated in the current version.
    - Refresh rate: If TroopMon is slowing down you mission too much,
    you can increase the refresh rate to 2s or more.

- Displ: Here you can define the layout of the light markers.
    - Markers: On --> markers are on , Off ---> All markers are off.
    - Friendly:
      - Checkunit : Only a marker above the checkunit
      - Group: The whole checkgroup will have markers above its units. Yellow for the leader and blue for other group members.
    - Enemy: On ---> Marks all enemies with red markers, Off No enemy markers.

- Min: Minimizes the UI, same button brings it back again.

- Pause: Pauses the game, so the mission maker has more time for placing groups or making decisions.

- Exit: Ends TroopMon.

- Map functions:

When you are in Map view, you can access additional group functions:
    - Create group: Once selected, move the marker to the position where you want your group to spawn. Note that you can still use the map zoom and map fix buttons. Hit okay if you have found a position. Now a list of creatable vehicle types will show up in the upper left display. Click on the units you want to spawn and finish the spawn with the DONE button (!).
    - Add units to group: Works like creating a group, just choose an already existing group, then select "Add units to group" and choose the vehicletypes to add to the group. Finish the process with the DONE button (!).

    - Create WP: Let's you create a waypoint for your created groups or pre-existing groups. Old waypoints will be deleted. After selecting "Create WP" an input tool appears and lets you move the marker to the desired waypoint destination, hit OK when the destination is reached. Now you can select all relevant waypoint statements and hit "CREATE" to create the waypoint. A special function comes with the "Destroy" waypoint. If you select a "Destroy" waypoint type, the nearest enemy to the waypoint destination is calculated. It is displayed and marked in red. If you want to choose a different enemy, select that target to be destroyed just like selecting a unit to check with the SIDE,CLASS,GROUP and UNIT panels. You can view that unit ouside the map view too for visual confirmation. Once you are certain that you have the right target selected, hit the "SELECT" button and if you are happy with the other waypoint statement, hit "CREATE" to create the waypoint.

    - Edit WP: Inactive --> Waypoint details can't as of now be determined from a group.

    - Delete WP: Deletes all waypoints of the group.

    - Map Markers:
      - The green marker is the checkunit.
      - Blue are units in the checkunit's group.
      -Yellow is the leader of the group.
      -Enemies are red, and will show up if their knowsabout value for any group-member of the checkgroup is higher than ~2.
      -Enemies that wound the checkunit get a special "WOUND" marker.
      -Enemies that are assigned targets for the checkunit get the "TARGET" marker.
      -Enemies that have the checkunit as assigned target get the "AIM" marker.

- Usage:
Just place the TroopMon HQ that can be found under empty/TroopMon in your map and the ability to start TroopMon will be added to the player's action menu.

- Advanced:
    - New Islands: If you are using an addon island (ie not Sahrani or Rahmadi) then state it's dimensions in the variable CHN_ISLDIM=[Maximal X of your island,Maximal Y of your island] and include that term into the init.sqf of your mission. Troopmon might not work properly if you fail to do so.
    - Favorites: You can pre-load your favourites from your mission init script by adding: CHN_FAVS=CHN_FAVS+[YOURUNITS].

- Installation instructions:
Unzip and put in your Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Addons folder.

- Known Issues:
    - The "Firing At" and "Fired Upon by" function is still experimental. In fact it is really hard to calculate, as the weapondirection results are not exact. An additional parameter _target=_this select 5 to the "fired" EH is desirable.
    - Too many units on the map slow down the FPS. I might rewrite the core scripts to SQS, which is a nightmare task, but should reduce the lag a bit. SQF is not always the best option unfortunately.

    - Units inside of vehicles can't be tracked by the camera correctly, only the proxies are actually in the vehicle, but no pointer to the units.

    - It can happen that the whole dialog freezes, this is due to the game programming and can't be adressed from the editor's side.

    - Onmapsingle click doesn`t work with forcemap, that makes everything unnecessarily complicated :(
- Disclaimer:

This is NOT an official Addon. Use it at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage these addons might incur.
Nor will we be responsible for any problems you might encounter in installing or using this addon.
Any problems or questions with these addons should be directed to our bugreport forum.
We do our best to make the addons as faultless as possible, but cannot guarantee that there will not be any.
Be aware that if your make a mission that uses a custom addon, the addon will need to be distributed with your mission.

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