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Rhodesy_77 released a couple of screenshots on our forums showing the Auscam units.

Quote Rhodesy_77 :
I've just started working again, so been pressed for time, but I've been hard at work on our Auscam units, original models and textures go to STALKERGB and Couger (for main player model) and Binkowski for the helmet and some smaller things.

All config work and new texture + model work has been done by myself.
Atm as you'll see they are only armed with US M4's + M249 and so on, as im having trouble geting the F88's in game, so if anyone is willing to work on our weapon pack your help would be a god send, as I've never worked with weapons before.

And once we get the basic weapon pack done (F88's + F89 Minimi) I plan to release the troops just to get something out to u all, next planned to come is the landrovers and MRH90 and maybe some more vehicles.

Also sorry for the low quality, just took these then after some testing, in the next few days Ill forward the pack onto a mate who has a decent rig to get some nice screenshots.

3-proj_asus_units_01.jpg 3-proj_asus_units_02.jpg 3-proj_asus_units_03.jpg 3-proj_asus_units_04.jpg 3-proj_asus_units_05.jpg

You can post your feedback in the Project Aus wip topic.

Written on 2009-09-05 20:17 by Rhodesy_77  

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