Australia Island project moved to ArmA2
Work in progress

Thrash informed us in our forums that they dropped the A1 Australia release and they focus on the port to A2.

Quote Thrash :
Hello all,

As for introductions, I'm Thrash. I am part of the Australia island team and just wanted to update this thread with the latest information on how Australian is progressing.

We decided at the last minute (before A2 release) to drop the A1 Australia release date and focus on the port to A2.
This was because we still had a bit of work to do on it before an A1 alpha version, so instead of finishing it off and then re-doing it all for A2, we decided to have a break, play a bit of A2 ourselves and continue work when the A2 tools were available.

3-a2_australia_01.jpg 3-a2_australia_02.jpg

We have the island (continent) working in A2 as it should. We're presently working on getting all the A1 objects swapped out for A2 objects, which will take some time. Also, we are working on the clutter configuration, making use of the awesome new A2 clutter, and will most likely have to do redo the sat/mask very soon.

3-a2_australia_03.jpg 3-a2_australia_04.jpg

All in all it's looking really good although we have no release time frame as of yet.

Visit our forums and leave your feedback in the Australian Island topic.

Written on 2009-09-06 06:18 by Big  

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