Week report #95
Work in progress

* ArmA2 - RHS addons

* ArmA2 - FFAA Mod

    JAvi released some new screenshots showing the Vamtac S3 in ArmA2. The original model was made by Lobo (FFAA team)
    3-vantac-s3_01.jpg 3-vantac-s3_03.jpg

    Lobo released as well some new screens of the almost finished Piraña IIIC. He just needs to work on the config together with Peloton.

    3-piranha_01.jpg 3-piranha_02.jpg 3-piranha_03.jpg 3-piranha_04.jpg

    - FFAA forums (Vamtac)
    - FFAA forums (Piraña)

* ArmA2 - British 4 Rifle Soldiers

    STALKERGB showed new screenshots of his British 4 Rifle Soldiers, on BI forums.
    Quote STALKERGB :
    As I'm sure most of you don't know I have been in intense discussion with some people over at Project Reality, the BF2 mod for those who don't know. Anyway, the discussions were mainly about adding PR assets to ARMA 2, in an ideal world I would have made everything myself but that would take till ARMA 3 (or maybe 4).

    So what it all boiled down to was PR giving me permission to use their work in ARMA 2 (so planes, tanks, helicopters, weapons and so on...) which is good news for you lot cause you'll get lots more stuff to play with!

    As essentially I work for PR now, the mods I create will come under the PR banner, all that really means is that the PR name will be here and there alot more so don't worry if you think things will be changing, as always my focus will be on the infantry but hopefully armour will be working properly in game too!

    Anyway I'll keep everyone updated on my progress on these forums but it might also be worth your while checking the PR forums from time to time.

    PR Forums

    Anyway, here are some pictures of my work, these were taken a while ago but you guys always want more pictures so....

    Comments on the pics more than welcome as always!

    4-genadier.jpg 4-rifleman-2.jpg 4-sectionlead.jpg 4-team.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Armored Hummers

    NZXSHADOWS posted screenshots of his armored hummers for ArmA2, on BI forums.
    Quote NZXSHADOWS :
    [...] Right now im trying to get this M1151 out of the water some. I also have a M1078 truck the up armored version.

    4420-nzxshadows_01.jpg 4420-nzxshadows_02.jpg 4-mxx.jpg

    - BI forums WIP topic

* ArmA2 - Army of the Czecho-Slovak republic

    petrtlach posted some screenshots of his WW2 tanks for Army of the Czecho-Slovak republic mod, on BI forums.
    Quote petrtlach :
    And now tank ŠIIa, in czechoslovakian army as LT vz.35, Slovakian army - LT-35, in germans army 1939-1940 as LTM.35 a 1940-1945 as PZ kpfw 35(t). Picture WIP.

    4420-petrtlach_tanks_01.jpg 4420-petrtlach_tanks_03.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Group Link 4 - Weapon FX and Impact FX

    SNKMAN has again released a video on the BI forums showing the progress he is making with Group Link 4 for ArmA2.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Island Panthera v2.0

    IceBreakr showed some screenshots of his Island Panthera on the BI forums.
    Quote IceBreakr :
    Too bad island v2.0 is still in beta (no release for public yet) because BIS didn't bother to include objects like old castle objects (helfenburk), army huts (you remember them from Sahrani Airport), pond.3d for lakes, numerous rock objects etc.
    Full list of what BIS didn't want to include can be found here

    So current to-do is:
      - recolorization of crappy autumn trees
      - repacking of palm trees to be included along
      - replacing all missing objects with new ones from A2 (boring and hard work since we still use crappy tool called V3)... nice slap in the face of the community.
    Hopefully I'll release the map soon and I promise you won't need any additional 2 gigs of addons.

    4-panthera2b.jpg 4-panthera2c.jpg 4-panthera2d.jpg 4-panthera2e.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - JTD Fire And Smoke

    DMarkwick released some new screenshots which were taken during a single player Warfare game showing his JTD Fire And Smoke addon.
    4-arma22009-09-0402-14-06-23.jpg 4-arma22009-09-0402-17-18-64.jpg 4-arma22009-09-0402-18-13-09.jpg 4-arma22009-09-0402-19-05-51.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - NZDF F-35 project

    NZDF CRASH is working on the F-35 and released a few screenshots on the BI forums.
    4-nzdf_f35_1.png 4-nzdf_f35_2.png 4-nzdf_f35_3.png

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

    Blondak is working on a model of the Lancer EVO IX, he found a free model on google and ported it to ArmA2.


    - BI forums

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* ArmA2 - FDFmod

    Norsu released a new screenshot showing the Special Jaeger with M05 gear.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Forces Armées Françaises Workshop

    SoldierIsNotHistory posted some more screenshots on the BI forums showing their latest work.
    3-faf_01.jpg 3-faf_02.jpg 3-faf_03.jpg 3-faf_04.jpg 3-faf_05.jpg 3-faf_06.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - TrueFeeling

    bravo 6 released some more information and screenshots about his TrueFeeling mod for ArmA2 on the BI forums.
    Quote bravo 6 :
    I have been looking and changing the way things look and feel in ArmA2.

    With time and in the right time I will share this small modification with the community because I believe it will improve the way you see, play and feel the game. A lot of thing might be changed, add and improved.
    To give you an idea the pbo file is about 1mb due to the edited icons. I intend to personalize and add some extra ones that do not yet exist.

    3-truefeeling_01.jpg 3-truefeeling_02.jpg 3-truefeeling_03.jpg 3-truefeeling_04.jpg 3-truefeeling_05.jpg 3-truefeeling_06.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod 2

    tpM released a few teaser screenshots for the A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod 2 on the BI forums.
    3-ace2teaser_01.jpg 3-ace2teaser_03.jpg 3-ace2teaser_04.jpg 3-ace2teaser_05.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Greek NATO/CFOR

    Aplion informed the community on the BI forums he is working on some NATO peacekeeping Greek units for Chernarus territory
    The screens below are work in progress so things will be updated!

    3-gr_cfor_02.jpg 3-gr_cfor_03.jpg

    - BI forums

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