Liberate Kamenyy by nyran125

nyran125 has submitted a new Sector Control mission for ArmA2.

Quote nyran125 :
This is my first mission ive ever done so if it sux , im sorry ,lol. Its an easy going sector capture MP mission that has 12 players vs 12 players in groups of 4. I originally designed it for noobs to the Arma 2 mp game. Noob mp mission created BY a noob FOR noobs or experienced players if they like it.

This mission is the first part of a territory campaign that im creating. What will eventually happen is a territory gain mode. Kamenyy is the first part. Eventually the next part will be the airport, then the south of UTES. the side that wins the most territories in teh full version will be the ultimate victor of Utes. The Liberate Kamenyy TEST mp mission area is 1 of those territories that one MUST win in order to battle it out for the next territory. (but thats for the future)

Written on 2009-09-07 12:27 by Big  

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