Author: SaOk
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.4

Date: 2010-05-20 13:19

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Black Forest

Night is falling over the black forest. Lieutenant Valenta is ready to get some sleep but suddenly he is ordered to meet Captain Vitek at one of the outposts in Black Forest. The trip could already be dangerous with boredom and lack of energy. However after the briefing there is surprises ahead.

- Overview/Briefing/Gear Choose
- Voice acting/ambient sounds
- Ability to call reinforcemets
- Sleepy vision/folumetric fog/sleeping/snow/color filter
- ACE2 compatible
- Cutscenes
- Optional (half hidden) targets that affect on later objective
- Artillery/Healing/High Command-Modules
- Many FSM/Other-scripts (campAI,spotlightAI,ambientCAR,scoutcarAI...)
- Unlimited Savegames
- About 1,5-4 hour playtime

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.


- Many objectives arent mandatory. You can fail the mission only if you die
- ACM appearance rate affects much on performance. I recommend 0.6 as max (0.4 default)
- Unlimited Savegame by 0-0-1
- Use high command via Ctrl+Space (Available on late mission)
- Use artillery via 0-8-1 (Available on late mission)
- Call reinforcements via 0-0-3 (Available after first proper objective)

Change log:
- Much better performance
- Added Body removal (Entities is kept under 80 until morning)
- Ambient Civilian Module removed
- All over 100 SQS-scripts converted to SQF
- New custom hint font colors
- Other tweaks & fixes

- Much changes for better performance
- ACE wounding system working now right way everytime (no briefing at start)
- No gear choose at start anymore but the gear can be found at outpost selek
- Added more ACE2 gear to crates (if the ACE2 is detected)
- Added some ACE2 vehicles for enemy (if the ACE2 is detected)
- More medic gear (for ACE2 users)
- Made outpost magnum more secure at night
- Some new constructions at outpost selek
- Some other tweaks and fixes

- Option to choose ACE2 wounding system (if ACE2 is detected)
- AI talk module enabled (if ACE2 is detected)
- More gear in crates for ACE2 users
- Fixed: Small bug in radio script

- New ammoboxes with random inventory
- Bigger minefield at outpost Magnum
- Friendly soldiers near Novy Sobor isn't alarming enemy so easily anymore
- Some game balance tweaks for ACE2 users (if the ACE2 is detected)
- Add some ACE2 weapons and magazines to crates (if the ACE2 is detected)
- Removed annoying phone ringing ambient sound
- Some other tweaks and fixes

- Rewritten dialog/briefing/debriefing by SavedByGrace
- Voice acting and ambient sounds by SavedByGrace
- Tweaked/Recreated cutscenes
- Updated mission settings menu
- ACM removed (replaced with homemade spawning scripts with more details)
- Many new detailed locations (Insurgent camps, russian outposts, abandoned trenches...)
- Massive use of custom-made ambient life/other events
- Use of USPMON-script by Monsada
- New ScoutCar-script (including use of USPMON)
- New balanced weapon/ammo crates (silent rifles, mines, satchels...)
- Added Task Markers (can be choosen from starting dialog)
- Better weather details (added snow and colour filter)
- More effect&cause-relations
- Added Credits
- Added ambient radio music
- Many other tweaks&fixes

- Fixed: Disabling Air Patrols broke the ACM
- Updated: New working route for convoy
- Other changes in convoy task
- Some other tweaks and fixes

- Updated/Tweaked Breakfast
- Extended difficulty selection (ability to set off Air Patrols/Volumetric Fog/Advanced First Aid)
- Updated Intro
- Added some animations
- Some music changes
- some other tweaks and fixes

- better overall performace
- little less challenging breakfast
- some other changes in breakfast
- made one optional task more visible
- some dialog changes
- tweaked intro
- default settings for difficulty lowered
- some other tweaks and fixes

Credits & thanks:
SPecial Thanks to: Bohemia Interactive Studios for the game [[[ ]]]
OFPEC for continued mediation [[[ ]]]
Armaholic for addon support [[[ ]]]
The Community for continued interests and ideas
You for downloading and playing our mission

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- BI forums

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