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Rhodesy_77 released new screenshots on our forums showing the RAAF C-130.

Quote Rhodesy_77:
With the goggles, ill leave them until we get to some MP testing, and ill see just how bad it actually looks lol.

ok ive taken a small break from the soldiers as i didnt want to burn out on them, so started work on some C-130's for the lil RAAF men inside us all :P, will come in two versions, with different paint schemes.

heres the older version, with the cam:

Still wip. also the other version will be the two tone grey

also all credits for the model and original textures go to the NZDF and rocket (model +original textures i think)


8582-c1301-3.jpg 8582-c1301-2.jpg 8582-c1301-1.jpg

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Written on 2009-09-09 04:16 by Rhodesy_77  

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