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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.5
Signed: Yes, server key included

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Date: 2010-01-18 15:59

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ADuke's Helo pack - ArmA2


US Air Force and US Army helicopters featuring custom cargo positioning, custom true to life model additions, and an internal, multiplayer compatible fastrope function.

1. Copy and Paste the folder "ad_helos" to your ArmA2 directory.
2. Add "ad_helos" to the mod list in your ArmA2 shortcut.
3. Copy the contents of "ad_helos\keys" to your ArmA2\keys directory.
As we always recommend use modfolders. If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo file(s):

Mh60K and MH60K ERFS can be found (in the mission editor) under: "BLUFOR\US Army\Air\"
The HH60G can be found under: "BLUFOR\US Air Force\Air\"
The 160th SOAR MH60K and 160th SOAR MH60K ERFS can be found under: "BLUFOR\160th Soar\Air"

Fastrope usage:
1. Make sure height is between 10 and 35 metres (approx 120 feet).
2. Reduce speed to less than 2 and more than -2 ie. it might help to engage the auto-hover function when doing this.
3. Then depending on whether you have either players or AI in the cargo the following will happen:
    * If the cargo only contains AI units the player pilot will get the option to deploy fastropes
    * Group leaders (player) should be able to deploy the rope for fastroping if they are in cargo space.
    * Group leaders entering the aircraft will always override the pilots ability to deploy the rope.
    * A group leader in a gunner seat will NOT be able to deploy the rope. He has to be in cargo space.
    * Same applies for group members that choose a gunner seat instead of a cargo seat.
4. AI will automatically fastrope whereas players will get an option to descend ropes.
5. When the fast ropes are deployed the pilot gets an "abort fast rope" action in the action menu this will drop the rope and allow you to move off immediately - just be careful if you engage this action as anyone on the ropes will most likely fall to their death. If you do abort the ropes, still have cargo units aboard it is possible to fast rope the remaining units in a safer locale.
6. if an AI unit is piloting the chopper then it will automatically cut the ropes after a period of time so if you are given the choice to descend ropes don't muck around or you'll miss the chance.

AI Pilots and Fastroping:
The scripts have been changed to make fastroping with AI pilots less problematic, if your squad is in-cargo and your AI-controlled helo is following way points, the following initialization commands must be in the last waypoint's initialization field:
nul = [helo, 30, "move1.sqs"] execVM "\ad_helos\FastRope\scripts\fast_rope_AI_pilot.sqf"
helo = The name of the AI piloted helicopter in the mission editor.
30 = The time in seconds that the helicopter waits after the fastrope action has completed until dropping ropes and moving away. (This was added to fix the problem that most were seeing with soldiers falling to their death because the ropes were dropped prematurely)
"move1.sqs" = The script that is executed after fastroping is complete that tells the helicopter where to go next.

It is recommended that before the last waypoint is reached, the helicopter's behaviour be set to "CARELESS" and the speed mode be set to "LIMITED".


Credits & Thanks:
Rope animations, soldier animations while roping - DeanosBeano
Scripting and testing of fast rope functions - Norrin
Texture work - DaveyGary1979

-Implemented new fastrope scripts by Norrin
-implemented new sounds by Sgt Savage
-Added model changes:
    - UHF/VHF Antennas
    - Flare pods
    - Proximity sensors
    - TACSAT antenna
- Fixed a bug that prevented the 160th SOAR MH60K from dropping ropes
- Added ReadMe file

- Reworked Fastroping
- Improved specular mapping

v2.0 Alpha
- Fixed broken pilot and crew chief views.
- Fixed invisible textures when looking through glass.

v1.1 alpha
- Reduced file size to 54 MBs
- Fixed some error messages relating to material files

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