WIP report - M40A3 by SyNcRoNiCzZ
Work in progress

SyNcRoNiCzZ released screenshots on our forums showing his M40A3 in ArmA 2.

Quote SyNcRoNiCzZ :
So Folks.

Even now I am slowly coming to ARMA2 Modding. My First ArmA2 Projets is this M40a3 this I made for ArmA1 to make for ARMA2.
But this is all still in the works, as you can see the attitude of the weapon in the hands not true. But this Modding is almost the same as in ArmA1 so it is not difficult.

8582-arma2_2009-09-09_09-56-02-28.jpg 8582-arma2_2009-09-09_09-56-39-89.jpg 8582-arma2_2009-09-09_09-57-20-14.jpg

You can post your feedback in the M40A3 Topic.

Written on 2009-09-09 11:31 by SyNcRoNiCzZ  

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