C&H gamemode : Battle for Chernogorsk by ]TG[Flightster

]TG[Flightster released in the BI forums a new Capture & Hold mission.

Quote ]TG[Flightster :
Hi all,

I just finished my first mission ever, and I just wanted to share it with all of you.. It's a PvP capture & hold, located within the town of Chernogorsk. I always found that Chernogorsk would be a great setting for any kind of PvP mode, so it's obvious that I chose this location as the place where it all goes down so to speak.

The mission was made with the help of [SBS]mac's PvP script pack, which helped out a great deal in making it happen.. But I would also like to thank the people that assisted me in my attempts to add non-script pack related scripts, without your help I would have never finished it

Written on 2009-09-09 17:06 by Big  

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