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Requirements: Fast rope, Sentinel Weapons (both included)
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Version: 1.5

Date: 2009-09-13 15:23

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The spy who loved too many
Captain Bravo

A double agent spy has slept with the general's wife and got his hands on some sensitive .. information! Now American General wants him dead! He has dispatched SF team to track him and kill him!

The Spy has also double crossed the Russians and now they have also dispatched a Spetsnaz team to track him and kills him.

Only chance for survival for the spy is to make it back to a friendly ally base, located 5 KM up north.

The poor soul does not know, a GPS has been placed on without his knowledge. Now both killer teams will hunt him through GPS marker on map.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Players role:
Spy= Human Player hunted by Americans, Russians and Spetsnas!

American SF= Human players (up to 7) Will locat spy via GPS marker on map that is updated every 30 seconds. They have to watchout for the Russian Patrols in area plus the spetznas team!

Russian Forces= AI Patrol roads looking for him (and any americans)

Spetznas= AI team also locked on GPS signal from SPY and is hunting him down.

Change log:
- daytime and night time version
- Civilian hospitals for spy to use since he has no respawn.
- Smarter AI that hunts SPY and West more aggressively.
- More patrols near roads.
- Spetsnaz now will utilize UAV to find you!
- Fast reaction team that will be inserted if spy is detected!
- Fixed Marker.

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