Coop mission : Strela Madness by galzohar

galzohar released his latest coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote galzohar :
This mission takes you to the insurgent-infested island of Utes in order to destroy key objectives at the Utes airfield area. Due to the strong defense of the area, you will destroy the objectives using hellfire missiles guided by a laser marker. Your cobra is not expendable, though, so you have to return it in one piece or fail the mission. Lots of strelas are present, so you have to fire your missiles from long range. This mission takes decent coordination between the scout and the pilot to get the hellfires to hit their targets. Due to team switching nobody needs to man the pilot positions until the helicopter is actually needed (which is why it's a Co12 and not Co14).

Written on 2009-09-11 17:15 by galzohar  

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