ArmA Strike by Issetea and Fewo
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TemichSablin has informed us about a new mission by Issetea and Fewo that will be released public and can be hosted on any server. You can check how to help in the ebta test of the mission prior the release at

Were you ever looking for nice PvP game in ArmA2? A mission you only have to join to play right away? A game mode that features endless tactical possibilities which suits clanwars and publicservers at the same time?
Let's face it: There are way too less PvP missions for Armed Assault 2.
But now there is change: is proud to be present ArmA Strike, a new high quality PvP mission by Issetea and Fewo, featuring two different game modes.

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Team vs. Team Objective
Did you ever play Counter Strike? Do you think it lacks realism? Still, a lot of people play it because it can be fun. But wait... can't we combine fun and realism? Yes, we can! The Team vs. Team Objective mode is designed to be a game for 2-32 players. It features a Counter Strike like money system including weapons, magazines, equipment and even vehicles. Play as an eastern soldier and try to blow up an enemy target or try to defend it while playing on the other side!


Team Death Match
The TDM mode features an easy to use class selection, random respawning near your teammates and a lot of action. And here's the best about it: Unlike Call of Duty it's 100% free.


    - Shop dialog including weapons, magazines, equipment, vehicles (Or class dialog, depending on the current game mode)
    - Shop dialog features categories for a better overview
    - Hotkeys can be used to nagivate through the dialog
    - Money system. The player receives money for kills and for winning a round
    - Money can be given to other players (using the shop dialog)
    - Teamkill Punishment. The victim can decide whether to forgive the killer, to kill him, to let him jump about 200 meters high, to block his view with drug like effects or to make him unable to use weapons.

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