WIP report -CASP (Community Armor Systems Project)
Work in progress

Vigilante released in our forums a video of the progress made by the Community Armor Systems Project.

Quote Vigilante :
WIP video of the CASP (Community Armor Systems Project) M1A1HC over at
Its shows the independent animation of turret,gunbarrel,gunsection gunnerview and gunnerperiscope. It features recoil and reloading position animations as well as working 'doors' for the gunner periscope mirrorhead. Also it shows part of the VIG_VOSS smokesystem but with streaming smokegrenades not bursting like it should, yet.

The most important part, though not really shown here is the TankFCS, based on the NWD_TankFCS. I ported the corresponding scripts to Arma2 UI paradigm as well as adding some nifty features (like separate Ballistics addon for each tankmodel is now possible) its working so far, a few errors sometimes and some more tweaking necessary but in general the FCS and ballistisccomputer do work now, just as i said it needs major value adjustments.... a few old bugs have been squished as well, i also repaired all paths for materials and textures... it is still lots of work to do but we are a huge leap further then last week...

Written on 2009-09-16 16:06 by Big  

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