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I44_John from the Invasion 1944 project has informed the community on our forums the Wacht am Rhein project which was cancelled for Armed Assault will be brought to life for ArmA2!

Quote I44_John :
We decided about a year ago that we wanted to go back to the Wacht am Rhein project once we were finished with the Normandy project for ArmA1. The Normandy project will be ported to ArmA2, which is our first priority, but once this is completed, little if any expanding of the project is expected. The Ardennes offensive will take priority after that.

... due to improvements in internet connection speeds and changes in the gaming industry over the years, multiplayer gaming has now become our main focus. We will also make it possible for the campaign to be played in SP, but it will be orientated primarily towards MP.

We aim to create a character driven storyline somewhat similar to that of BIS' "Razor" campaign. The campaign is projected to consist of 4-7 Co-op missions, in which the player will be the tank commander of a Waffen SS tank crew in the Kampfgruppe Peiper of the 1.SS "Leibstandarte" division.

We've never done a campaign before revolving around tanks due partially to the lack of realism in particularly armored vehicles. With the help of a group of people that have recently joined our team, who are dedicated to making tanks as realistic as possible. Things like (but not limited to) suspension, gears, armor, ballistics, sounds etc will all be looked at and improved as much as possible, as well as remaking a lot of the tanks, the German ones in particular, which until now have been reworked OFP ports for the most part. We want to take out these aging relics and replace them with brand new ones that use all of the latest advances in graphics.

We have a pretty large team with a good amount of model and texture artists (always looking for more talented people though), but two types of people that we could really use are voice-actors (American-English and German) and missionmakers.

We have quite a few items already being worked on, but we have chosen not to include screenshots for now, as these would mostly consist of high-poly variants used for "baking" normal maps, rendered in non-BIS applications, possibly giving people wrong impressions. The logo is a temporary fix aimed at attracting attention to this post. If you're reading this, we figure it worked.

You can read the complete announcement and leave your feedback about this project in the Invasion 1944 - Wacht am Rhein topic.
Also make sure to visit the Invasion 1944 website for all the latest info.

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